zaterdag 13 september 2008

Na een lange stilte

alhoewel ik me had voorgenomen om gedurende de zomermaanden regelmatig te bloggen, is dat duidelijk niet gebeurd. Ik zal trachten om vanaf nu toch regelmatig een berichtje te plaatsen.

Hier alvast een link naar een review door Simon Blackburn van de Engelse vertaling van een aantal notebooks van Heidegger. Als teaser twee citaten:

"So the present book is a translation, into something fairly remote from English, of later philosophical notebooks that Heidegger wrote, in something not quite German."

"Analytical philosophy is sometimes contrasted unfavorably with “Continental” philosophy, because of its supposed lack of political and moral weight. If this charge was ever just, it has long ceased to be so. Indeed, to critics such as Richard Posner, modern Anglo-American philosophy is at fault for being too moralistic, disrespectfully trespassing on the domain of economists and judges. What I think is true is that analytical philosophy is profoundly mistrustful of sustaining myths, including the primal story. We resist the pipes of Pan, because we care about truth. And intelligibility is a precondition of truth. If you cannot tell whether a string of words says anything, you cannot tell whether it says anything true. This is not a parochial or superficial matter. The choice of truth above fog is one that anybody who deserves calling a philosopher has to make, although it will set them at odds with a politics, from either left or right, that can only survive in a fog."

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