donderdag 19 augustus 2010

Thinking after Hegel

"With due respect to those who are 'attempting to think after Hegel', I find I have no trouble at all doing such a thing. I do it everyday, often in high spirits. Sometimes I arrive at conclusions; sometimes I discard conclusions to which I'd previously been attached. It's fun, and, while I won't say it's easy, it's certainly not made any more difficult by the intervention of an academic mandarin from 19th-century Germany. So I'm really having trouble understanding what a whole generation of French academic mandarins, along with a subsequent generation of their American epigones, are getting at when they worry about how we are to think after Hegel. I am tempted to borrow here a well-known slogan from a well-known athletic shoe's advertising campaign." Justin Smith

Ik wou dat ik het geschreven had...

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